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Terapias Naturales
Tel. +34 966 934 038
Dénia, Alicante
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Welcome to Holistic Medicine Dénia, the Alternative Medicine practice in Dénia led by Bernhard Beisert, a German Naturopathic Therapist (Heilpraktiker) and Acupuncturist with more than 30 years of working experience.
The following diagnoses and methods of treatment are used in Holistic Medicine Dénia:
● Micro Acupuncture

● Chinese acupuncture, French Auriculotherapy, Colorpuncture, Laser Acupuncture

● Eye disorders: Special Acupuncture Therapy by Prof. J. Boel, e.g. for Macular Degeneration (wet/dry)

● Osteopathy: UK licensed Osteopath Heidi Tryland

● Bioresonance diagnostic

● Counseling and therapy on the subject of a healthy weight

● Special antiaging consultation and therapy, wherein we inform you of the latest research status

● Cosmetic acupuncture: Acupuncturist Olga González

● Smoking cessation

● Diabetes – prophylaxis and accompanying treatment

● Erasure of pain

● Emotional wellbeing

● Anxiety and panic attacks

● Emotional stress

● Stress caused by dependencies, i.e. nutrition, smoking, medications etc.

● Guidance towards easy and effective self treatment according to Chinese medicine.

For further information please contact Bernhard Beisert,

German Acupuncturist and government-certified Naturopathic Therapist (D) since 1985

Phone:  966 934 038,  
Whatsapp: & Mobile: 663 739 460  &  645 71 02 73
03770 Dénia, Calle Marqués de Campo, 60  2nd floor (elevator)

+34 96 693 40 38
+34 645 71 02 73
Terapias Naturales, C./ Marqués de Campo, 60   Dénia (Alicante)
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